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Welcome to Cow Jones Industrials!

The store is based on the belief that what we wear is not trivial - we express ourselves
through our clothing - it is body art. Adorning ourselves with eco and animal friendly products
which have been ethically produced is a celebration of kindness. We want you to really love
what you purchase - beautiful styles with beautiful intentions. In turn, we are happy to support
numerous organizations that are doing their best to protect the earth and it's inhabitants.  

For a number of reasons, we now only use Paypal as a method of payment and in case you
don't know, we provide FREE shipping on all domestic U.S. orders and a reduction in
shipping costs for international orders (see the shipping section for more info). 

Happy Winter!!!! All boots (actually, almost all products) have been marked down even more - now is your chance to score some incredible deals.
And a final reminder to please check out the amazing film The Ghosts in Our Machine
This beautiful documentary will create a wave of compassionate changes.

Share kindness and love with all, beautiful friends!!


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